Integrative Webinar Series – Session 2 | Dr. Donelda (Gowan) Leverick

Webinar Series December 12 2023

Advancing Integrative Medicine and Health Towards Evidence-based and Patient-Centered Comprehensive Care: Selected Highlights

What to ExpectJoin us for a special presentation and exchange of information featuring insights from the recent 2nd World Congress on Integrative Medicine and Health, held in Rome, Italy. Our three conference delegates will share captivating stories, describe novel insights, and summarize the most important highlights from the conference.Key ThemesExplore diverse topics including The Arts and Medicine, Theory, Evidence and Perspectives in Traditional Medicine and Holistic Therapies, Nutrition in relationship to Human and Planetary Health, Integrative Medical Care for Mental Health, and Lifestyle and Teaching Kitchens.Why AttendThis is an invaluable opportunity to delve into recent advances in global research and be part of an important and informative discussion.

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