Marja Verhoef

Organized and administered by INCAM and open to INCAM members, the Canadian CAM Research Fund (CCRF) is an annual research funding competition that was created by Dr. Marja Verhoef, recipient of the 2011 Dr. Rogers Prize for Excellence in CAM, with a vision of supporting rigorous research in complementary and integrative healthcare.


This annual research funding competition award grants up to $5,000 CAD to research project proposals identified through rigorous peer-review processes. To date, we have granted approximately $100,000 in seed funding since this competition began back in the fall of 2009.

Celebrating Excellence: Meet Our Latest CCRF Recipient

2022 CCRF Recipient

Cynthia Lemaire

Cynthia Lemaire holds a Bachelor's degree in Athletic Therapy from Concordia University, earned in 2002, and a Diploma in Osteopathy from the Collège d’Études Ostéopathiques (CEO) de Montréal in 2009. Following her education, she established a thriving private clinical practice while also serving as an educator and clinical supervisor at CEO, mentoring and training aspiring osteopaths. Her expertise has evolved over the years, with a particular focus on pediatric care.

Presently, she is on the verge of completing a Master's degree in research at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences (FMSS) of the University of Sherbrooke, Canada. Her ongoing research delves into the intricate relationship between somatic dysfunctions and their impact on newborns, specifically examining the correlation between these dysfunctions and delayed motor development, as well as postural and facial asymmetry.

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2019 CCRF Recipient

Monique Aucoin

Dr. Monique Aucoin was the recipient of the 2019 CCRF Award for a project on the design and pilot testing of an evidence-based clinical tool to facilitate dietary counseling in mental health care.

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Leisa Bellmore

2012 CCRF Recipient

Leisa Bellmore

Leisa Bellmore was the recipient of the 2012 CCRF Award for a pilot study on self-shiatsu hand massage as an intervention to promote sleep efficiency in persons with chronic pain.

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Year Recipient(s) Organization Research Project Proposal Amount
2022Cynthia Lemaire (PI), Chantal Morin, Isabelle GabouryUniversity of SherbrookeEvaluation of the relationship between osteopathic dysfunctions in the newborn and motor, postural and facial development$5,000
2021Monique Aucoin (PI), Matthew Leach, Kieran CooleyCanadian College of Naturopathic MedicineDesigning and Evaluation of an Evidence-Based Practice Continuing Education Course for Canadian Naturopathic Doctors$5,000
2020Mohamad Baydoun (PI), Linda CarlsonUniversity of CalgaryExploring Cancer Survivors' Experiences in the Mindfulness and Tai Chi for Cancer Health (MATCH) Study$5,000
2019Isabelle Gilbert (PI), Isabelle GabouryUniversity of SherbrookeExploring the Effects of Soft Tissue Manual Therapy on the Viscoelastic Properties, Pressure Sensitivity, and Touch Sensitivity of the Caesarean Section Scar$5,000
2018Monique Aucoin (PI), Laura LaChance, Kieran CooleyCanadian College of Naturopathic MedicineDiet & Psychosis - Creation and Evaluation of an Evidence-Informed Clinical Tool$5,000
2017David Brulé (PI), Elise Paradise, Nadine IjazUniversity of TorontoThe Use of Telemedicine in Complementary Medicine Consulting: A Survey of Homeopaths and Herbalists$5,000
2016Jennifer Brunet (PI), Dugald SeelyUniversity of OttawaThe Effectiveness of a Yoga Therapy Program to Improve Autonomic Nervous System Functioning and Patient-Reported Outcomes in Cancer Survivors: A Single-Subjects Multiple Baseline Study$5,000
2015Marian Luctkar-FludeQueen's UniversityExploring the Effect of Neurofeedback on Postcancer Cognitive Impairment and Fatigue: A Pilot Feasibility Study$5,000
2015Brenda LeungUniversity of LethbridgePilot Study of Acupuncture to Treat Anxiety in Children and Adolescents$5,000
2014Laura Weeks (PI), Dugald SeelyOttawa Integrative Cancer CentreIdentifying Patient Outcome Data Collection Strategies Within Integrative Oncology Settings Worldwide: A Delphi Survey$5,000
2014Chantal MorinSherbrooke University (student)Interprofessional Collaboration Between Physicians and Osteopaths Involved with Pediatric Patients$5,000
2013Amanda BaskwillHumber CollegeThe Use of an Informational Video to Improve Patient Satisfaction, Preparedness, Mood, and Empowerment$5,000
2013Derek RosaMcMaster University (student)Electro-acupuncture in the Treatment of Lymphedema Among Breast Cancer Survivors: A Randomized Controlled Trial$5,000
2012Deborah KennedyCanadian College of Naturopathic MedicineThe Diagnostic Predictability of Food Allergy Testing in Individuals with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS): A Comparison Between Various Laboratory Methods and an Elimination Diet (The FAST Study)$5,000
2012Cary BrownUniversity of AlbertaSelf-Shiatsu Hand Massage as an Intervention to Promote Sleep Efficiency in Persons with Chronic Pain: A Pilot Study$5,000
2011Patricia PoulinOttawa Hospital Research InstituteEvaluating the Effects of the Body Awareness Practice on Body Awareness, Physical Function, Body Kinetics and Disability Among Individuals with Chronic Pain$5,000
2011Richard NahasUniversity of OttawaMindfulness-Based Stress Reduction in Patients with Type II Diabetes Mellitus$5,000
2010Dugald SeelyCanadian College of Naturopathic MedicineAn Assessment of the Ability of Ionic Foot Bath (IonCleanse) to Remove Heavy Metals Through the Feet and Its Potential Impact on Body Burden of Heavy Metals$5,000
2010Kate SauksUniversity of Toronto (student)Biomechanic and Cellular Changes Within the Rat Gastrocnemius Muscle and Calcaneal Tendon Post Tenotomy: Do Traumeel Injections Make a Difference?$5,000
2010Martin DescarreauxUniversite du Quebec a Trois-RivieresNeuromechanical Effect of Spinal Manipulation and Its Relation to Clinical Outcomes: A Control Study$5,000