Integrative Webinar Series – Session 2 | Dr. Donelda (Gowan) Leverick

A promotional image for the INCAM Webinar Series Session 2 scheduled for December 12 at 12pm CST featuring Dr. Donelda Gowan Leverick. The image includes text that reads 'INCAM Webinar Series, Session 2, December 12, 12pm CST with Dr. Donelda Gowan Leverick' alongside a picture of Dr. Leverick.

Advancing Integrative Medicine and Health Towards Evidence-based and Patient-Centered Comprehensive Care: Selected Highlights What to ExpectJoin us for a special presentation and exchange of information featuring insights from the recent 2nd World Congress on Integrative Medicine and Health, held in Rome, Italy. Our three conference delegates will share captivating stories, describe novel insights, and summarize…

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Member Resources Webinar – Session 1 | Dr. Monique Aucoin

Supporting Evidence-Based Practice: Results from a Survey and Co-Designed Continuing Education Course for Canadian Naturopathic Doctors DESCRIPTION Evidence-based practice (EBP) is a framework for clinical decision-making that incorporates the best available evidence along with clinician expertise and patient values and preferences. In nearly all healthcare professions, there is evidence that EBP is used sub-optimally, and…

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