2016 INCAM Research Symposium

2016 INCAM Research Symposium

Expanding Person-Centred Care through Integrative Health Research

The titles below correspond to research presentations featured at the 9th INCAM Research Symposium. The conference, themed 'Expanding Person-Centred Care through Integrative Health Research,' was hosted on November 18-19, 2016, at Marriott Bloor Yorkville Hotel, Toronto, Canada. The presentations are grouped as oral or poster sessions, reflecting their format at the Symposium.


  1. Fish-derived omega-3 fatty acids and prostate cancer: A systematic review
  2. Is cranial mobility affecting school performance and can osteopathic manual treatment (OMT) improve it? Results from a pilot study with children in a  regular elementary curriculum
  3. Turmeric formulations in adjunctive cancer treatment: A systematic review
  4. The monkey on your shoulder: A qualitative study of lymphedema patients’ attitudes and experiences of acupuncture and moxibustion (acu/moxa)
  5. Exploring massage and manual therapy patient safety incident (adverse  event) taxonomies: A scoping review
  6. Efficacy of an osteopathic treatment for biomechanical suckling dysfunctions in newborn: A randomised controlled trial
  7. Lost in translation? Linguistic regulatory policies for traditional acupuncturists in North America
  8. Post-9/11 veterans and their partners improve mental health outcomes with a self-directed mobile app and web-based wellness training program: A  randomized controlled trial
  9. Integrative health care practices – What are the relevant outcomes?
  10. Parents and clinicians’ opinions about probiotic therapy in prevention of pediatric antibiotic-associated diarrhea
  11. Exploring the effect of neurofeedback on postcancer cognitive impairment and fatigue: A pilot feasibility study
  12. Phytoestrogens and prostate cancer: A systematic review
  13. Development of trust between conventional and CAM practitioners: Insights from physicians and osteopaths in Quebec
  14. Inter-examiner reliability of osteopathic cranial palpatory diagnostic test
  15. The quantity and quality of complementary and alternative medicine clinical practice guidelines: Systematic review and assessment using AGREE II
  16. Integrative oncology research in action: Stimulating dialogue and  collaboration between health care providers
  17. Why do patients seek out integrative healthcare centres?


  1. The quality of life of children under chiropractic care as assessed by the PROMIS-25 and PROMIS parent proxy
  2. Generalized anxiety disorder and hypoglycaemia symptoms improved with diet modification: A case report
  3. Impact before the finish line: The value of organizational action research methodology in integrative health research
  4. A craniosacral osteopathic approach can help improve olfactory function in patient with a diminished sense of smell following head trauma
  5. Can postural manual osteopathic intervention improve temporo-mandibular joint (TMJ) opening in a client with scoliosis?
  6. Hand self-Shiatsu for sleep problems in persons with chronic pain: A pilot study
  7. An n-of-1 study of homeopathic treatment of fatigue in patients receiving chemotherapy
  8. Can manual osteopathic techniques performed on the small and large intestines reduce the symptoms associated with irritable bowel syndrome?
  9. Embodied CAM: Getting inside therapy performances
  10. NADA ear acupuncture and breast cancer treatment-related hot flushes and night sweats (HF&NS): Evaluating 10 years of service data
  11. Using daily self-administered indirect moxibustion to ST 36 zusanli to reduce chemotherapy-induced pancytopenia: A feasibility study
  12. Refining behavioural interventions for a pragmatic trial of integrative oncology care for thoracic cancer
  13. The effect of the compression of the fourth ventricle (CV4) on uterine contractions at term – A quasi-experimental study
  14. An animal model to study the neural mechanisms of massage therapy in chronic complete spinal cord injury
  15. Fibromyalgia mitigation using homeopathic remedy and diet
  16. The evolution of the regulated medical marijuana market in Canada
  17. The effect of the three diaphragms technique on the level of perceived stress
  18. The osteopath, an indispensable collaborator in a combined case study of orthodontics and orthognathic surgery
  19. “Healthy families, healthy kids”: Promoting healthy behaviours in a group-based setting
  20. Pilot study of acupuncture to treat anxiety in children and adolescents
  21. Vitamin D and prostate cancer: A systematic review
  22. Development of an intervention palette of natural health products for a pragmatic integrative thoracic cancer trial
  23. Integrated mindfulness-based health promotion: Fostering the mindful mind of university students
  24. The effects of osteopathic treatment on snapping hip syndrome in ballet and contemporary dancers: A longitudinal study
  25. A series of case reports regarding the effect of massage therapy on sleep quality in individuals with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  26. Attitudes and knowledge towards interprofessionalism among naturopathic students and a collaborating family health team
  27. Investigation of the attitudes and experiences of TCM professionals towards
    the use of electronic health records in integrative medicine
  28. Integration of Traditional Chinese Medicine food therapy for hypertension control among Chinese Canadians: A pilot randomized controlled trial
  29. Application of Traditional Chinese Medicine food therapy for hypertension control: A narrative review of Chinese literature

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